Destination Weddings & EVENTS

Nationwide & International Weddings and Events

Planning a destination wedding or event? We simplify the process.  Our Dj’s are experienced and we the hassle out of relying on searching for someone in an unfamiliar region.

Why choose us instead of the resort or local DJ?

There is often times, a language barrier that could lead to miscommunication.  

The local resort DJ may not be familiar with what’s hot in the U.S. or with an American crowd.  

Resort usually cater to older crowds and tourist.

You are at the mercy of whom ever they assign.

We have done many destination wedding in the past and, quite frankly, were awesome at this!

Stage Presence

We emcee and keep the event on schedule

We look the part and dress professionally or as requested by the client. We can be high energy or “low key”, according to the clients wishes.


We have performed in many of the U.S. states, to include Hawaii and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Internationally, We have performed in Japan, Mexico, and Germany. 


We do not ship equipment to the location.  We have a intentional network of DJ’s companies to get us the everything we need for the event.  How long does it take you to set up?

Pricing & Payment

We charge our standard rate plus lodging, airfare, and rental transportation. We provide one all-inclusive fee to cover everything needed to make for the event.